Reverb – EIA; Musicos por la Conservacion, DIC 2017

In October we had an order to organize a trip of nearly 20 people between musicians, environmental activists and Peruvian indigenous leaders, a quite mixed and interesting group. Among the musicians were famous members of some bands recognized worldwide.

Illegal timber trafficking from our Amazonia, passing by corrupt authorities and to the countries of destination, even up to the factories of instruments of the most famous artists, generated this current travel and find out the facts from the same places where you started this chain. For this, the group requested to visit a native community and interact with the community members to receive their opinions and thus to bring the message to consumers around the world.

Between November the 26th and December the 3rd , we traveled to Madre de Dios in aircraft and hence a road an hour to then cross the Las Piedras river and finally reach the community of Boca Pariamanu. Days earlier, our camp fixer helped by locals, they armed and conditioned an area to receive and cater to all the travellers.

For Ecologistica Peru, it was not easy to overcome all the preparations and arrangements required by this mixed group but finally and in record time, we were all involved in this cause. Thanks to our friend chef; Roy Riquelme and our new friends from Boca Pariamanu by the enthusiasm and the willingness to make the visitors stay an experience like no other. See you in our next adventure!!!



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Great Rivers – BBC Documentary, OCT 2017

From midyear 2017, we were contacted by our friends of the BBC Natural History Unit, but on this occasion it was a director with whom we worked in 1997 in another fascinating wildlife documentary; Mark Flowers. This time the theme was “water” and we had 3 priority destinations for filming in Peru; the Mayantuyacu boiling River, in Huanuco and humid forests of Wayquecha and Manu, in Cuzco.

Between October the 1st and the 15th , we were at these places, waking up sometimes from 3 am and passing through the most impressive landscapes of these regions, at low temperatures but with the mood and desire to achieve the quality on audiovisual material that the BBC has us used to

For Ecologistica Peru it was a taste to meet our friend Mark and meet Richard, a cameraman with over 30 years of experience, of both, without a doubt, we learned a little more about how to assist and attend a production of this level and for large TV’s nature programs.

Thanks to our friend and collaborator in Drones; David Segurado and our logistics in transport; Manolo Figueroa, without them our team had not been full. See you next time!!!



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