Dario Hurtado

We are lucky enough to have met each other in the field, either guiding tourists or working on investigation projects at remote and isolated places in our country. There we were able to develop what we are most passionate about and every day we realized that in order to achieve our goals we had to value and respect these places. It was there that we discovered that to be able to live under those conditions we had to bring out the best in each of us and complement each other with the best in others. Like leaf cutter ants, each one has their own job and fulfils it completely, for proper benefit and the benefit of the entire colony.

After many years together, each of us followed their own path to obtain more knowledge and experiences. Today we meet again and find friends like us, who enjoy what they do every day and, most importantly, do it with passion in each and every corner of our country. Our collaborators are the complement that allows ensuring that in the coast, mountains and jungle, ocean, rivers, land and air, Ecologistica Peru is the young, solid and reliable company that you, our friends and clients, have been waiting for. Welcome to Ecologistica Peru!

    Dario Hurtado      

Administrative and Police Sciences Graduate and Licensed on Education. He graduated as a lieutenant from the National Peruvian Police Department on January 1981. Then he qualified himself as a skydiver and a specialist in operations against terrorism with the ‘’Sinchis’’ Special Police SQUAD at Mazamari, as an Intelligence Officer and Counter Intelligence Officer with the Antidrug Police, at waterfront operations at Fort Albrook-USA in Panamá and as an expert in Dignatary Protection. He obtained the Administration certification at the General Santander College from the Colombian National Police Department, as well as in Helitransportation Operations.

He is qualified at Fort Rucker USA-ARMY Alabama as a Flight Instructor, Night Flights and Flights with Night Visors. He is an Officer for the Prevention and Investigation of Aerial Accidents and Search Rescues as well as for High Mountain Flights. He worked as a Squad Chief, Operations Chief and Major State Chief for the Aviation Police.


He studied for Major State Officer at the Las Americas School in Fort Benning, Georgia USA in 1994. Then he completed a master course on Defense and National Development at the Center for National Superior Studies at the Peruvian Ministry of Defense in 2007. He completed a course on Systems for Operational Security Management at the OACI-DGAC.

He lent his services to the Link and Counseling Office for the Peruvian Air Force Squad.


He participated in multiple operations against terrorism and narcotics, in human support operations as well as in search and rescue operations at the Andes High Mountain Range. He participated as the responsible for the transportation logistic during the 7 Biological Inventories at the Field Museum in Perú and as freelance supporter for other foreign institutions, like the BBC of London and CICADA PRODUCTIONS.

He has approximately 6200 flight hours and ample experience on operations at the coast, mountains and jungle, giving him a complete knowledge of the geography of Perú.

He has been condecorated 5 times by Distingued Actions and congratulated 26 times by the National Police Squad and the Ministry of the Interior.

In 1984 he entered the Police Aviation and qualified himself as a helicopter pilot on the BELL-47G and later he continued his qualifications on the aircrafts MI-17/BM, BELL212, BELL UH-1H, BOLKOW BO-105, MDD- 500D, SA-315, SA-316B, AS-350-B2 and AS-355-F2.

Currently he flies as a commercial helicopter pilot.




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