Logistics for photography and filming


Having 84 of the 108 different life zones (Holdridge) existing on the planet and with 9 of the 12 climates on a global scale (Koeppen) makes Perú one of the 12 most megadiverse countries in the world and a privileged destination for photographers and filmmakers who love nature.

We have been lucky enough to have shared experiences in assisting photographic and filming productions in many of these remote places in our territory with renowned photographers and wildlife filmmakers from the BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, IMAX, Animal Planet, among others.

If you or your company have had a production or documentary on your mind for some time already, feel free to share it with us and we will use all of our experience to make it come true. Ecologística Perú will take care of the permits with the customs office in our country in order to facilitate the temporary entering of your equipment and avoid unnecessary delays in your plans.



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