Michael Tweddle Rayner

We are lucky enough to have met each other in the field, either guiding tourists or working on investigation projects at remote and isolated places in our country. There we were able to develop what we are most passionate about and every day we realized that in order to achieve our goals we had to value and respect these places. It was there that we discovered that to be able to live under those conditions we had to bring out the best in each of us and complement each other with the best in others. Like leaf cutter ants, each one has their own job and fulfils it completely, for proper benefit and the benefit of the entire colony.

After many years together, each of us followed their own path to obtain more knowledge and experiences. Today we meet again and find friends like us, who enjoy what they do every day and, most importantly, do it with passion in each and every corner of our country. Our collaborators are the complement that allows ensuring that in the coast, mountains and jungle, ocean, rivers, land and air, Ecologistica Peru is the young, solid and reliable company that you, our friends and clients, have been waiting for. Welcome to Ecologistica Peru!


Lima – Perú (1969) Photographer; Audiovisual Communicator Graduate at Instituto Peruano de Publicidad.

Since 1986, year in which he incursions in diverse environmental and touristic projects, he has participated on many expeditions in the Amazon, the Andes Mountain Range and the Peruvian Coast. This is how his passion for nature photography, flora, fauna, arqueology, adventure sports and traditional and ethnic Peruvian cultures emerge.

His dedication and perseverance have taken him to transcend frontiers and go on expedition and jobs at the Galapagos Islands, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panamá, Guatemala, El Salvador, Argentina, Chile, Brasil, Ecuador, Portugal, Canary Islands, Apalache Mountains, The Everglades, Alaska, The Arctic Circle, Iguazú Waterfalls and the Patagonia.

Since 1992, after winning first place in the National Tourism Photography Contest for the picture ‘’Cusco Farmhouse’’ his most fertile period in his career begins with nonstop photographic individual and collective expositions in the Americas, Europe and Asia.


He has publications on different books and the main newspapers and magazines of Perú as well as web pages, magazines and specialized international media.

He has constituted TWEDDLEFOTO, a vast archive or photographic bank, which is one of the most complete in the media.

Currently he works as a photographer and freelance audiovisual producer, developing environmental, ethnic, arqueological, rural tourism and commercial projects.


Website: http://www.tweddlefoto.com

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