Scouting trip into Matses territory, October 2018

If there is an area of our Amazon that always puts us into a test that is for sure the border with Brazil, for their difficult accessibility, lack of resources, and the long distances to travel. Last October we organize a new scouting trip to that area, this time for a 2019 Arab TV chain production; Al Jazeera.

In this trip we met again with our Matsés friends, who are experts in logistics in its territory and very necessary in the translation of their dialect. We crossed the Yavari River to the Chobayacu creek, to finally reach the annex of Santa Rosa. There, we evaluated during 5 days the production needs and most importantly, we reached an agreement with the families of this annex so that everyone is happy and confident with the future work.

We have to thank our friends and contacts in Colonia Angamos for helping us on the arrangements for returning flights to Iquitos and of course our insurmountable Matsés friends for their support during our journey of exploration that end up being a total success …See you in April!

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