Trips a la Carte


Trips a la carte is a service designed to offer non commercial, unique experiences, combining conventional resources and destinations with unique and singular ones in the country. With this special service, Ecologistica Peru aims to respond and satisfy the requests and demands that many travelers have and look for in their travel experience.

With Trips a la Carte we plan tours and programs that are requested by the client but also including professional advice as to make your trip easygoing and logistically possible.

The services includes:
– Dealing with the necessary permits if the trip involves visiting a protected area.
– Transportation, food and sleeping arrangements according to requirements.
– Environmental interpretation (guided).

The following itineraries are a selection of specialized trips that we organized previously for our clients. These itineraries will give you an idea of the kind of specialized trips we design for our clients, and they could be used as a starting point in designing your own specialized/personalized trip with us. Peru offered an incredible variety of destinations that can be combined with the right advice. Contact us and we help you to create your own Peruvian adventure.

Peruvian Southeastern Amazon Package
For those who are passionate for Nature and Birds, this program will fulfill your expectations. The southeastern rainforest of Peru are believed to be one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world holding several world records in the cataloging of flora and fauna species. The area is home over 20,000 plants species, over 600 species of birds, 1,250 butterflies, 91 mammals, 96 amphibians, 95 Reptiles and much more.
Nature Photography Trip

Peru offers an extraordinary variety of ecosystems as a result of its complex geography, thus photography opportunities are vast within the country. If you want a mixture of incredible scenery and wildlife relatively closed to Lima, this itinerary and route is a very good option to document all this fascinating diversity. The mixture of the impressive coastal landscape, archaeological sites camouflage in the dry deserts and puna grasslands near to foothills of the Andes is a must.




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