50 ways to kill your mom – Burning Bright Productions

Since May, we were contacted by our great friend Bibiana Melzi; another Peruvian fixer, to support her with the field logistics in the jungle region for the Emmy-winning program; “50 ways to kill your Mom”. The idea was to film the adventures of Bas (son) and Nancy (mother), this time accompanied by 2 friends, in a one-night survival experience inside our Amazonian forest.

We moved fast in order to find suitable locations and the best natural landscapes of the Northern jungle. After a few potential option we finally found the appropriate place for this production; the Tahuayo river basin. The beautiful Lake Charo, surround by a healthy primary forest and a small community of 12 families of fishermen who protect the Lake and its resources, were the location that welcome us up to 4 days, to build and set up the base camp for 20 people and then make all the shots required.

Even though it was, only one night in the forest, the deployment of resources and equipment to the area was demanding but thanks to the enthusiasm of our cocha Charo village friends, we could meet and have everything ready for the actor’s arrival and the entire production team.

Our sincere thanks to the great “Llyacko” for the pleasure of working together, all our friends from Charo Cocha village, because without them, nothing would have been possible. Thank you all, and will see you next time!