We are not a travel agency but we do arrange everything for travel We are not a travel agency but we do arrange everything for travel

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Fixers, Field Structures, Camps, Expeditions, Biological Studies, Scouting Trips/Recces


Birding in Lima Coast & Surroundings, Northern Peru Route, Paracas National Reserve


Flora, Fauna, Traditional Cultures. Field Assistance & Support


Tailored Trips to Conventional & Non Conventional Destinations


Locations, Customs, Fixers/Local Assistance, Shooting Permits, Transportation & Lodging


In our Coast, Andes & Jungle ... all along Peru

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Peru is the country with the largest number of life zones in the world: it has 84 of the 117 existing living areas.

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Thanks to Ecologistica Peru and Guillermo, my daughter and I had a fantastic trip through northern Peru.

Mike Hirshfield

Retired Chief Scientist at conservation organization Oceana - USA

Here's no way we could have accomplished what we did in Peru without the help and support of Guillermo and his team at Ecologistica Peru.

Private Photo Tours

Private Photo Tours

Ecologística Perú was instrumental in organizing my access to portrait subjects in small villages and communities in both the Sacred Valley and Lake Titicaca.

Ron Cooper

Travel & Portrait Photographer - Denver, Colorado USA

Thanks to Ecologistica Peru, Guillermo Knell, Johnny Balarezo as our great fixer on site, the drivers and boat captains.

Bruno Boulianne

Freelance documentary film director and producer - Montréal, Canada

We'd see an incredible number of species (92 in 2 days), great photos and a wonderful time.

Oscar Dang

Amateur Wildlife Photographer -- California, USA / Melbourne, Australia

I had an amazing day and I am delighted with the photographs I obtained of a wide variety of species.

Nick Plumb

Wildlife Photographer, Suffolk- UK

Aldo and Guillermo make a perfect team in Ecologistica Peru and work together as a well-oiled machine, no matter the challenges.

George Olah, PhD

Director - Wildlife Messengers, USA | Researcher - BBC Natural History Unit, UK

Massive thanks to Guillermo, Aldo and all at Ecologistica Peru for making our recent filming in Lima and the mountains run so smoothly.

Ruán Magan

Director, Our Blue World, Ireland

Ecologistica Peru`s team provided great preshoot support whilst setting up a large Natural History documentary shoot.

Clare Lawrence

Production Manager, Offspring films, UK

Aldo provided logistical support for our British film crew during a 5 week natural history shoot in the Peruvian Amazon.

James Aldred

Freelance Wildlife Cameraman - UK

I don’t think any of us are exactly sure how I came to meet Guillermo and Aldo but there is one thing I am sure of; I am glad that I did.

Erik Gore

Program Manager Loon LLC (Project Loon, Google X)

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