Ramita Navai

Independent journalist, UK

This is the second time I have used Ecologistica Peru specialized field logistics services and I would not work with anyone else in Peru. There are few people who can handle such complicated, difficult trips with such professionalism and ease. Aldo did a perfect job juggling tricky logistics and a complex story. You will be in the safest possible hands working with them.


Jérôme Bouvier

Independant filmmaker and Director of Photography specialized in wildlife footage

Second big project in the company of Aldo and Guillermo, Ecologistica Peru, still as pros … without forgetting David Segurado, the man in the field on this somewhat special project in the middle of the COVID 19 crisis. Their knowhow, their involvement, their passion, their adaptability are in line with our requests whatever the place and the conditions. In the end, we can focus fully on the images to bring back. They became friends. The next project in Peru or elsewhere in South America, it is with them that I will go.


Nicola De Stefani

Line Producer for Collateral Films, Milano, Italy

Thanks a lot to Ecologistica Peru. To Guillermo and Aldo both. We had an amazing experience together, filming and scouting remote areas at high altitude in the mountains of Peru, for our video projects about vicunas and their wool. Your attitude was fantastic and made everything possible. Your professionalism and accurate preparation of all details turned out difficult situations into smooth and pleasurable ones. We will definitely come back and will ask you again to organize our logistics and film permits and everything else required for filming in the Andes above 4000 meters of elevation. You at Ecologistica Peru are a warranty for success and fantastic people to work with. Thanks so much again and again and again.


James Brown (“has been birding for 65 years”)

Retired US Forest Service Scientist

Guillermo of Ecologistica Peru did a fantastic job of organizing a birding trip for six of us to venture up the Tambopata River in a remote part of the Peruvian Amazon and for three days of birding near Lima. Guillermo was so very helpful in keeping us informed about birding options and arrangements. Any time we had questions during the planning he was readily available to help us. He was an excellent communicator and organizer–so helpful.


Sarah Lupton

Independent Documentary Filmmaker

Our Fixer; Aldo, helped us gain access to interviews and locations that would have taken weeks, months, or years for our crew to secure on our own. He was flexible with our evolving needs and highly reliable. Their extensive network is clearly based on years of relationship building and experience in the Amazon.


Nancy D. Williams, M.Ed, LPC

Trauma Specialist, USA

I would like to thank Guillermo Knell of Ecologistica Peru for an amazing birding trip! We only had one day in Lima, and with Guillermo’s guidance were able to identify around 70 species of birds. As we travelled with this extremely knowledgeable man, we not only learned of migratory & endemic birds, but also about Peruvian life & culture. He went far beyond our expectations. I give him the highest recommendation and look forward to booking an Amazon trip with him next year!


Gemma Templar

Production Coordinator, BBC

Guillermo and Aldo from Ecologistica Peru have been instrumental in the coordination of several trips into/out of Peru over the past year. Professional and helpful throughout they are a delight to work with, always finding solutions to our last minute requests and often complex filming schedules. I look forward to working with them again in future.


Ethan Freedman

Rainforest Trust

We came to Peru to film most of a documentary in two weeks, including significant travel time. So, needless to say, we had a lot to do in a little amount of time. But working with Aldo made the entire trip and production that much smoother. It seemed there was no problem too small or too large for Aldo to fix and his work as a translator was absolutely vital.

From planning and organizing the travel schedule before the trip to the day-to-day flexibility needed while backcountry in the rainforest to navigating the in and out of working in the city, Ecologistica Peru proved repeatedly to be a superb partner.


Andrea Johnson

Senior Advisor, Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) - USA

Without Ecologística Peru, our trip would simply not have been possible. Aldo, Guillermo, and the local contacts they have cultivated for years (Roy! Best jungle cook ever!) managed to make both rock stars and indigenous activists feel comfortable on our trip; to adapt to our many last-minute changes, requests and budget adjustments; and to do it all with humor and good spirits. I would recommend Ecologística Peru to anyone who needs logistical support for work in Peru: whether film crews, researchers, NGOs, official missions, musicians, they can work with your group’s needs.


Mark Flowers

Series Producer, BBC Natural History Unit.

Ecologistica Peru offers a tailored and very professional service. When you are doing something as complex and challenging as a filming trip it is fantastic to know you have Aldo and Guillermo watching your back and pro-actively sorting things out for you, enabling you to get on with the work you came to do. They are experienced, practical and great company in the field. Big thanks guys for a great shoot in September 2017.


Reza Pakravan

Producer, Third Line Productions (UK)

Professional, diligent and know their way around Peru. With health and safety on top on their daily agenda, Ecologistica Peru helped us to film our documentary in Jungle, mountains and desert, basically all over Peru.


Christian Ziegler

Photojournalist, National Geographic Magazine

I was on an expedition to Manu National Park to monitor animals visiting a fruiting fig tree for National Geographic. To survey the fig tree we decided to set up a scaffold tower but then we needed to transport the tower (weighing more than 10 tons) from Lima to Manu, deep in the Amazon basin. It was an insane undertaking; a huge logical challenge - getting the permits, coordinating the transport by truck and boat, building the tower at the field site and then bringing everything back again. Guillermo and Aldo really were great - so friendly, helpful and capable. Everything arrived to Manu safely and they helped with every step along the journey. I can recommend their company without reservation.


Ed Charles

Producer – One Planet, BBC Natural History Unit

I just wanted to get in touch to say a huge thank you for all your hard work on the latest Lomas de Lachay National Reserve shoot (and indeed the one before in September 2015).
We have now got all the shots in the edit and married them up, and they work brilliantly. Good luck on whatever you guys have coming up next, and I hope we get to work together again in the future.


Isja Mak

BNNVARA TV, The Netherlands

It was great working with Aldo Villanueva from Ecologistica Peru! He's made it possible for us to produce a TV-episode deep in the jungle of the Huánuco region. We only had a few weeks to prepare this adventurous trip. Ecologistica Peru has provided us with everything we needed in this short period of time. They are definitely the ones you need for fixing in Peru and especially for arranging anything you need filming in the jungle. Without their knowhow and enthusiasm we wouldn't have managed it.


Matt Currington

Documentary Filmmaker, UK

Dear Aldo, Guillermo and David, could I just thank you for all your support and assistance on the Red Bull production?

Despite the formidable task we were faced with, not to mention having had to set up an ambitious expedition in a very short space of time - it was achieved! A large part of that was down to you guys. Your logistical support underpinned many of the trickiest aspects of the production.

Probably when we met in the field we were all a little preoccupied, if not unwashed and tired-looking - so now that I have recuperated it is with great pleasure I take the time to thank you all.

Just so you know, while we were on the road (or more correctly, raft!) - It was always a tremendous relief and boost to have David or Aldo waiting for us round the next corner.

Your precision to detail, where the devil always lies, and reassuring professionalism and energy came at critical times. The 4x4 and boat support made the impossible possible. Your commitment to our ever-changing needs kept the momentum of the production moving. Things could have easily or dangerously come to a sticky standstill, but you helped us avoid.

So to make the unspoken spoken - I owe you. Well done and thanks guys.

All best – Matt


Peter Cavanaugh

Seattle, Washington, USA.

I spent three excellent days in July photographing birds with Ecologistica Peru. They are experts at finding the right habitats, they are fun to travel with, and their logistics are flawless. I hope to be a repeat client soon!


John and Janet

Colorado – USA

``Our trip to northern Peru turned out to be a great adventure. From the ancient cultures in the archeological sites of the coastal desert, to the dry forest of Chaparri, and then up and over the Andes and down into the Amazon basin, the entire trip was superb!`` While we did not focus on birding, we still managed to see 122 species, including 29 species of hummingbirds. What a lesson on how a change of just a few hundred feet in elevation completely changes the wildlife. True birders must love northern Peru. We saw a much better picture of the people of Peru. The contrast in the towns between the desert, the cloud forests of the Andes, and those on the edge of the jungle was revealing. We certainly were not on the tourist route; we were in the real Peru.


Carol Walton

Owner of Carol Walton Expeditions, LLC. - Austin Texas – USA.

``Ecologistica Peru made all the arrangements for my recent group trip to Peru which was ``Off the Beaten Path``! Everything was wonderful and the guides and driver were all super! Their knowledge of the cultural history, ruins, wildlife and nature we visited is unsurpassed.

I've been taking groups to Peru for 35 years and I highly recommend Ecologista Peru to anyone who wants to see this incredible country from an insider's viewpoint!``


John Waterhouse & Mary Marshall

YRITWC – Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council – Alaska

In the last two years, our work with the Indigenous people of Alaska has extended far beyond the United States and has brought us to Peru to work with the Machiguenga native group who live along the Urubamba River. At first, the idea of getting to their remote location and dealing with an extreme language barrier seemed almost insurmountable for our small U.S. non-profit, but once we connected with Ecologistica Peru, all worries disappeared and our visits happened seamlessly.

Since our first visit, our funding for this particular project has increased significantly and we know that is due in large part, to the assistance we received from Ecologistica Peru. In addition, because they have deep connections to many cultures throughout Peru, we can be certain that as our efforts spread, the logistics will be handled expertly by Ecologistica Peru, enabling us to focus on our work without the challenges often posed by logistics. EP provides a level of service which, in our opinion, surpasses 5 stars and we highly recommend this capable and professional group to anyone hoping to step beyond the normal boundaries while traveling in Peru. They are the best!


Ilan Ziv

Tamouzmedia Productions www.tamouzmedia.com – New York

I have been filming in Latin America and other parts of the world for almost 30 years. I have travelled to remote places and spent long time there producing full length documentaries. But this time I was facing a challenge: Capitalism is a series of filmed essays about history and ideas of Capitalism. It combines interviews with scholars and thinkers and illustrations of some of their ideas with visuals and scenes filmed in over 22 countries. It is one thing to fly to Greece 3 days before the election but how do I go to the Amazon for 3 days. How do I explain to an isolated community what are we doing and the purpose of our visit? How do I do it in a way they feel that their culture and history are respected, and they do not become some exotic background? I knew that once I met the community I could explain it to them. But how, in such a short time could I meet such a community? That was my challenge!

A British production company recommended Aldo and Guillermo from Ecologistica Peru. From our first Skype I felt that I found the right people. They spent patiently long Skype conversations with me going carefully through my options. Their vast experience has been a tremendous assets. They described to me the pro and con of every community, the difficulties of reaching them and how much time it will take. They sent me photographs, draft budgets and maps. And then came the experience on location. For 3 days I saw Aldo meticulous organization and planning in action. He was polite, sensitive but firm and honest. The result was that we all felt that the trip was a true success not only for us but for the community as well. Thank you Aldo and Guillermo. I am privileged to have met you! I really hope we will have a chance to work one more time together and for longer period of time!

Ilan Ziv

Tamouzmedia Productions www.tamouzmedia.com


John Croxall

Chair Global Seabird Programme at Birdlife International – USA

I can thoroughly recommend Ecologistica Peru for superbly organized highly cost-effective birding trips in Peru. Guillermo's knowledge is invaluable for planning and we had an exceptional guide in Jean-Paul Perret, whose skills, versatility and sense of humor were outstanding. Despite remote locations and sometimes challenging weather, logistics and accommodation were excellent and we saw nearly all the target species for Tumbes and Maranon in less than 10 days.


Vincent Steiger

1st Assistant Director – France

We are currently producing Luc Jacquet's next film (Luc jacquet is the director of ``March of the Penguins``). Most of the shots were done in Manu National Park with a crew of 50 people. In order to get the best shots, we needed to stay with the crew in the most remote places of the park and had the help of Ecologistica Peru for that!!! The shoot is now over and I must say that Guillermo and Aldo's work was superb!!, nothing bad to say, and it was a very difficult task!. They made the entire crew feel at home in the middle of the jungle, the camp very comfortable, the food good, and all their crew nice and hard working.

Also their scientific background and their knowledge of the forest was a great help to build the story of the film. Once again in my 25 years of experience in filming all around the world, i've rarely seen such efficient and great work and always with a smile!!!


Sir Robin and Lady Saxby


We met Guillermo, Jean Paul and Aldo at our hotel, the evening before our two day birding trip on the coast and in the desert around Lima. We were not only highly delighted with the birds we saw and photographed, but also benefited from the breadth and depth of knowledge that these guys had built up over many years of study and fieldwork- photography skills, cultural, historical, scientific, political and environmental knowledge of Peru's rich history and future opportunity and challenges.

We were fortunate in getting a depth of understanding and knowledge way beyond that of a typical tourist guide and empathized with them immediately, as if they were old friends. One of the many highlights was seeing Inca Tern and Humboldt Penguins on a boat trip from Pucusana. We also benefited from eating in local restaurants at very good prices. We plan another trip with them and more UK friends in 2013. For a tailor made personal trip we cannot recommend them more highly. ¡Viva Perú!


Alvaro Del Campo

International Field Programs Manager - Environment, Culture and Conservation (ECCo) The Field Museum, Chicago, IL

Working in frontier communities and remote rainforest locations could be an extremely challenging task. Our rapid inventories require very complicated logistics, and only after we study carefully the characteristics of the vegetation, using satellite imagery we choose our potential campsites usually in very remote areas of the vast tropical rainforest. For our most recent inventory held last October in the proposed conservation area Yaguas-Cotuhe in Loreto, Peru, we needed a reliable team to implement our third campsite, located in the Yaguas watershed, and that could work jointly with a group of 12 previously selected residents of the nearby communities.

As a coordinator and responsible for most of the rapid inventory logistics I did not hesitate a bit to hire Guillermo and Aldo to do this always complicated work. Both of them are very good friends of mine and also former colleagues, with a great experience working in wilderness areas, and we have worked with them several times in the past. Their attention to detail is so great that after building a very comfortable campsite and excellent trail system for the scientists, they even saved some time in the end to decorate the facilities with their artistic touch! In addition, both Guillermo and Aldo are keen naturalists and they always contribute to the biological inventory with their accurate and key sightings.

Finding professionals like Guillermo and Aldo is very difficult, since their work is very specific and unique, so if anyone is in need of high quality logistics for any specialized adventure, scientific or ecotourism expedition, then for sure I highly recommend Ecologistica Peru.


Bryan Maracle

Science Department, Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council Alaska – USA www.yritwc.org

As an Indigenous Scientist working in remote regions of the Arctic and Sub-Arctic, relationships and logistics are essential to my work. I have worked with many logistics operations over the years and the services of Ecologistica Peru are the best in the business! Their relationship with local communities and knowledge of the land are unmatched for their region. I would ecstatically refer the Ecologistica Peru staff to anyone interested in operating a special project in the Amazon!


Rebecca Riley

Production Manager, Ginger Productions, London, UK

On behalf of the Ginger Productions crew I would like to thank Ecologistica Peru for a smooth and successful shoot. They successfully delivered what was asked of them both editorially and logistically which was an impressive feat considering the short run up time they had before we had to begin filming.

Aldo and Guillermo were reliable and frequent in their contact with us here in London, making sure that our emails and phone calls were answered as quickly as possible despite the time difference of 5 hours. They were good at explaining things, made their best efforts to ensure things were set up as we requested them, and gave lots of feedback concerning the editorial requests made by Producer: When things couldnt happen the way it was wanted, they were clear to explained why and did their best to offer feasible alternatives. As a whole the project was well organised, with contingency plans built in to cover any unexpected issues. Because of the remote location conditions were hard and, as expected, not everything could be perfect, but the crew never ran out of water or had any real emergencies.

I am happy to recommend Ecologistica Peru to any other Production companies who wish to work with them as location fixer for their production.


Marcos Vaitman

Gerente de Producto, Responsable del Programa HP Planet Partners – Hewlett Packard Peru SRL

We contacted Ecologistica Peru to take care of the complete logistics of the trip of 20 journalists from all over Latin America to the Abanico del Pastaza area in the Peruvian jungle. The aim was to be able to disseminate the environmental responsibility strategy that Hewlett Packard is currently working on in Peru, not only with the collection of print cartridges part of its HP Planet Partners program, but also the environmental commitment we have in the countries in which we have commercial offices.

Ecologistica Peru, in the person of Aldo Villanueva, was in charge not only of the logistics but made the times of Tour Driver of the whole group of people, of different ages, sex, nationalities, tastes and preferences.

With much professionalism, charisma and firmness he managed such a heterogeneous group in a practical, cutting and efficient way, without neglecting the respective comforts. In this way I managed that the attendees concentrated on the activity for which we travel, leaving aside all the other details that Ecologisitca Peru was able to manage smoothly due to its anticipation and experience in the field. Without a doubt we would work with them again in this type of activities and we recommend them because their professionalism and human quality are present in their service.


Ramita Navai

Free-lance reporter “Unreported World” (Channel 4). UK

'On July 2009, I was In the Northern Forest of Peru, working like a free lance for Channel 4's ``Unreported World`` in the Awajuns and Wampis natives territory. To access and to help us with all the logistic matters we got in touch with Aldo Villanueva from Ecologistica Peru. The company was excellent at handling all our logistical needs, and their jungle expertise is remarkable. Also, Aldo's great contacts with indigenous communities meant that we managed to get remarkable access; to exactly the people we wanted to talk to. Working with Aldo was a fantastic experience.


Charles Z, Leavell

Professor (emeritus) of Zoology and Ecology Fullerton College, CA, USA

I led a small group on their first experience in Peru and contacted EcologisticaPeru, operated by Guillermo Knell and Alicia Kuroiwa, to organize our trip. This was the best decision I could have made, their company did an incredible job. The transportation arrangements and lodging choices were ideal for our group. The trip was 23 days long and our group consisted of both birders and non- birders so choice of a guide was critical in order that all of the travelers would enjoy themselves. When we arrived at a site there was someone to meet us and all connections went flawlessly.

Greeters and guides were friendly, knowledgeable and could answer all of our questions. Guillermo's selection of our guide in Amazonia was brilliant. He was an amazing birder and general naturalist so all elements of our group were more than satisfied. I can honestly say I have never had such a smooth tour and I have led many. There was no aspect of adventure travel that was over-looked and we owe our wonderful experience to the efforts of Guillermo and Alicia. I give them my highest praise for the program they put together for us and would recommend Ecologistica Peru to anybody traveling to Peru.


Bob Wilson

Technical manager IBM Canada – Vancouver Island

I really enjoyed birding on both sides of the Andes, in north eastern Peru. The group was great, and the guiding excellent. I was well looked after when under the weather, and received lots of assistance from Guillermo and Jean Paul as these birds were all new to me. The lodges were well chosen, the food enjoyable, I always felt comfortable, even without any spoken Spanish. In summary, I would look forward to another trip to Peru with them. Many Thanks!


Tom Walker

Connecticut and California – USA

For eleven days our group of five men and two guides, Guillermo Knell and Jean Paul Perret, traveled through northwestern Peru photographing birds, enjoying the food and drink, visiting the incredible Lord of Sipan Museum, and marveling at the beautiful landscapes, woodlands and above all, the birds. Trip leader, Guillermo, made sure all went well and was excellent at finding and identifying birds. Jean Paul Perret was the primary bird guide and photographic expert.

In nature reserves we stayed at lovely eco-lodges and at hotels in towns. The food was delicious in the all the restaurants and eco-lodges. Many of the birds and the vistas from various points in the Andes were spectacular. I saw close to 300 species including 38 hummingbirds and 47 birds from the three Lima day trips. I believe if I repeated the same trip I would pick up an additional 50-150 new species, because of the large number of different birds available and the randomness of being in the right place at the right time.

The birding trip organized by Ecologistica Peru was excellent due to the outstanding guides, locations visited, and flawless planning and execution. Everyone had a wonderful time including Guillermo and Jean Paul. My thanks to them both.

Tom Walker