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Ecologística Perú

Is an enterprise made up of a team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience on the field (Coast, Mountains, Jungle) who decided to join their efforts in order to offer logistic services in a efficient and effective manner, thus fulfilling the priorities and objectives required in the field.


As Fixers in Peru, we do organize, coordinate and plan expeditions, projects and specialized trips, designed to meet the specific demands of our clients.


Our motivation are the outdoors. We offer personalized trips and excursions combining non-conventional touristic destinations including unique and singular resources within the country, such as birding that its potentially growing.


At Ecologística Perú we are sure that nothing can equal the innate knowledge and experience of the local population from the places where we work. Local knowledge is a key component in understanding everything that goes on around us, for this reason we look to involve local people directly in each experience that we share when working with them.

Our camp assistants, guides, interpreters, carriers, cooks, auxiliaries and others, complement the experience of our team and other collaborators, creating a unique profesional and human mixture, which is reflected on the success of our operations in the field.

Further than just receiving their services and benefiting them economically, we create conscience through work and shared responsibilities, waking in them abilities that will later help to improve their life conditions without altering their traditions.


At Ecologística Perú we are aware that our presence at natural pristine or hardly disturbed landscapes, as well as our interaction with the local people generate a certain impact; that is why we are morally committed with the environment and the communities we work with, minimizing in every possible way, the impact we can make on the environment and the communities.

More than a company policy, we apply an environmental conscience philosophy when, because of the requirements of our clients, we must introduce foreign products to the diverse destinations. ‘’All that is not from the place, leaves the place or is transformed and used in it.’’

We manage all of our residues, trying to preserve the own and original characteristics of the place and teaching that we, foreigners, can also help to preserve the wonderful locations that host us temporarily.

The aim was to be able to disseminate the environmental responsibility strategy that Hewlett Packard is currently working on in Peru.
Without a doubt we would work with them again in this type of activities and we recommend them because their professionalism and human quality are present in their service.

Marcos Vaitman

Gerente de Producto, Responsable del Programa HP Planet Partners – Hewlett Packard Peru SRL

I would ecstatically refer the Ecologistica Peru staff to anyone interested in operating a special project in the Amazon!

Bryan Maracle

Science Department, Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council Alaska – USA www.yritwc.org

In addition, because they have deep connections to many cultures throughout Peru, we can be certain that as our efforts spread, the logistics will be handled expertly by Ecologistica Peru.

John Waterhouse & Mary Marshall

YRITWC – Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council – Alaska

A British production company recommended Aldo and Guillermo from Ecologistica Peru. From our first Skype I felt that I found the right people.
The result was that we all felt that the trip was a true success not only for us but for the community as well.

Ilan Ziv

Tamouzmedia Productions www.tamouzmedia.com – New York

I can honestly say I have never had such a smooth tour and I have led many.
I give them my highest praise for the program they put together for us and would recommend Ecologistica Peru to anybody traveling to Peru.

Charles Z, Leavell

Professor (emeritus) of Zoology and Ecology Fullerton College, CA, USA

For a tailor made personal trip we cannot recommend them more highly. Viva Peru!

Sir Robin and Lady Saxby


I am happy to recommend Ecologistica Peru to any other Production companies who wish to work with them as location fixer for their production.

Rebecca Riley

Production Manager, Ginger Productions, London, UK

They are definitely the ones you need for fixing in Peru and especially for arranging anything you need filming in the jungle.

Isja Mak

BNNVARA TV, The Netherlands

Guillermo and Aldo from Ecologistica Peru have been instrumental in the coordination of several trips into/out of Peru over the past year.

Gemma Templar

Production Coordinator, BBC

The company was excellent at handling all our logistical needs, and their jungle expertise is remarkable.

Ramita Navai

Free-lance reporter “Unreported World” (Channel 4). UK

Your precision to detail, where the devil always lies, and reassuring professionalism and energy came at critical times.
So to make the unspoken spoken - I owe you. Well done and thanks guys.

Matt Currington

Documentary Filmmaker, UK

Finding professionals like Guillermo and Aldo is very difficult
So if anyone is in need of high quality logistics for any specialized adventure, scientific or ecotourism expedition, then for sure I highly recommend Ecologistica Peru.

Alvaro Del Campo

International Field Programs Manager - Environment, Culture and Conservation (ECCo) The Field Museum, Chicago, IL

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