Recycled backpacks; from mothers in jail for children`s smiles

And the 2021 left, after almost 2 years of pandemic around the world. In Peru, Google's Loon project ended and we had to stop all our planned trips. Christmas that year was perhaps the one we all looked forward to after difficult times, loved ones who left us and in the middle of all that adversity, we were happily able to bring some joy from a jail in the city to the farthest corners of our Amazon.

During the pandemic, with funding from Google and the support of the Buckner NGO we were able to transform the parachutes of the Loon balloons recovered in 4 years into recycled backpacks made by the internal mothers of the women's prison of Chorrillos. They were more than happy to know that thanks to their sewing skills in their own workshop inside the prison, many people would use their little backpacks.

In coordination with the girls of Savia Productos Ecológicos in Iquitos, we were able to send up to 60 small backpacks that we made with the recycled parachutes of the Balloons of the Loon project for 2 native communities of the area of influence of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve and thus bring a smile to 60 children from the schools of those localities just in time before Christmas.

From all this rewarding experience, we were able to learn that no matter how difficult things get for everyone and / or each of us, always, always, there is someone who has a worse time than one and for that reason, just for that, every day we must do what we like and sooner or later, someone will smile for that.