Documentary & Film Production

Documentary & Film Production

Perú is the country with the most diversity of linguistic families, ethnic and native tongues in all of America. We have 15 ethno-linguistic families of 71 ethnic groups, with up to 67 own native tongues. These indigenous populations are the pride of our social and cultural richness.

We are lucky to have initiated ourselves professionally working with towns in successful projects that involved them since the beginning. We know that all intentions of working with this communities or in their territories must first be discussed and approved by them.

We can facilitate relations with the people, groups or communities that are your objective directly or through organizations that work with them to inform them about your intentions, thus generating good relations and acceptance from the beginning.

If your intention is to go deep into our culture, we have very good knowledge of the structure and operation of native organizations and experience with fair treatment and relations of this communities/organizations/people.

Their extensive network is clearly based on years of relationship building and experience in the Amazon.

Sarah Lupton

Independent Documentary Filmmaker

From planning and organizing the travel schedule before the trip to the day-to-day.
Ecologistica Peru proved repeatedly to be a superb partner.

Ethan Freedman

Rainforest Trust

Ecologistica Peru helped us to film our documentary in Jungle, mountains and desert, basically all over Peru.

Reza Pakravan

Producer, Third Line Productions (UK)

Your precision to detail, where the devil always lies, and reassuring professionalism and energy came at critical times.
So to make the unspoken spoken - I owe you. Well done and thanks guys.

Matt Currington

Documentary Filmmaker, UK

The company was excellent at handling all our logistical needs, and their jungle expertise is remarkable.

Ramita Navai

Free-lance reporter “Unreported World” (Channel 4). UK

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