Field Logistics

Field Logistics

1. Biological inventories, biological baseline studies and research projects.

2. Field infrastructure (campsite construction and path systems)

Depending on the work to be realized, the campsites that will be constructed will be fully equipped in order to host the entire human group in an orderly and comfortable manner. The campsites are built on plain areas near water sources. Hygiene and respect for the environment is the number one rule in this process. The paths that help us gain access to the forest also follow a preparation parameter, following the necessary safety guidelines. The idea is to have safe paths, visible and of easy access to carry out the required jobs.

3. Hiring of local personnel for field work:

Local people are the true experts on the places where the job will be done and, thanks to them, we have surpassed the expectations set for the projects on many occasions. Ecologística Perú looks to generate local benefits and environmental conscience with each project we carry out. We rely on a wide group of collaborators and allies that are prepared to fulfil the tasks needed to reach the goals of the field work.

4. Pre-logistics

Pre logistics have, as a principle, the search for all the goods and services required to satisfy our client’s needs. This job includes coordinating transportation, searching for contacts, searching for equipment and products in the cities near the final destination, from the moment we leave the capital until we reach the chosen place for the job. Pre-logistics are completed just one (01) day before we begin our logistic services.

5. Scouting trips

Many times projects of great magnitude are carried out and require a longer stay in the field. For those cases, it is important to assure the quality of the service, the total knowledge of the place and the conditions of the destination for the job. For that purpose, when it is necessary and in agreement with our clients, we organize a SCOUTING TRIP or Exploration Trip, in a sensible timing and previous to the work date. On this trip, our ‘’Fixer’’ generates and obtains all the extra and complementary information about the place we need to know in order to offer the required service. Information such as: accessibility, distances, difficulties of the terrain, water sources, local resources, local hand work available, etc.


1. Obtaining permits: Necessary for filming, photography and other aspects of the project that involve entering a natural protected area.

2. Coordination: Transportation (air, water and land, including helicopters and charter flights), sleeping and food accommodations. Logistic support includes transportation from the airport to the final destination (city, town, campsite, among others). The modus operandi may vary depending on the geography, time of year and availability of local transportation.

Regarding sleeping arrangements, the category of hotels and hostels will depend on the clients demands. In places where these services do not exist we will offer the option of implementing campsites according to the terrain and place of work. Food is an important point in the organization of these services. Ecologistica Perú is concerned about designing a menu that will cover all nutritional requirements that field work demands, using the local resources available. In places that offer culinary services, we choose to work with those restaurants that fulfil all health requirements.

Aldo provided logistical support for our British film crew during a 5 week natural history shoot in the Peruvian Amazon.

James Aldred

Freelance Wildlife Cameraman - UK

Finding professionals like Guillermo and Aldo is very difficult
So if anyone is in need of high quality logistics for any specialized adventure, scientific or ecotourism expedition, then for sure I highly recommend Ecologistica Peru.

Alvaro Del Campo

International Field Programs Manager - Environment, Culture and Conservation (ECCo) The Field Museum, Chicago, IL

Your professionalism and accurate preparation of all details turned out difficult situations into smooth and pleasurable ones.
You at Ecologistica Peru are a warranty for success and fantastic people to work with.

Nicola De Stefani

Line Producer for Collateral Films, Milano, Italy

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