Alicia Kuroiwa Y.

Founder Partner

Science graduate with a minor in Biology at Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia. She has taken the master courses for Environmental Sciences with a minor in Environmental Management and Ecology at the same university. She has 11 years of experience on research, 10 years experience in coordination of projects and logistics, in designing and implementing lineal transects in a wet rainforest, 9 years as a nature interpreter, 3 years of experience on environmental education, design of field courses and teaching.

She has been the coordinator for the Network of Educators and Proffesionals of the American Museum of Natural History Conservation Department for 3 years. She has coordinated national and international events like the II International Simposium about the Andean Bear (Wildlife Conservation Society-WCS, Huachipa Zoo, UPCH). The Latinamerican Workshop for ‘’Training in Epidemology, Vigilance and Management of Cage and Wild birds for the Early Detection of Aviar Influenza, Highly Pathogene in the American Continent’’ for the FAO, among others.

Currently she is a associate investigator for the Environmental Support Center at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (CSA-UPCH) where, among other activities, she is in charge of the logistic requirements for field courses and the organization of national and international events.