Campankis Rapid Biological Inventory

Once again, we were invited by the Field Museum of Chicago to collaborate with the advanced logistics for the Kampankis biological inventory, which is located in the territory of the Huampis native communities, at the basin of the Santiago River, in the province of Amazonas.

Our work was basically focused on the construction of up to three (3) campsites, each one located at a different altitude on the impressive mountain range. This inventory will produce the necessary information that will help to strengthen a model for territorial management for our country.

Ecologistica Peru is very proud to have been a part of this experience. Many thanks to our friends from the native communities at the basin of the Santiago River; Papayacu, Soledad, Chinganaza, Palometa, Candungos, Chosica, Chapiza, Yutupis and Galilea.