Capitalism: Tamouz Media Productions

Without a doubt, 2012 has been the best year for Ecologistica Peru and to finish it we worked with our friends from the North American production company Tamouzmedia and their last documentary: Capitalism. The director of documentaries; Illan Ziv, got in contact with us because we were recommended and asked us to assist him with the logistics to carry out interviews in native communities from our Amazonia.

This time, chosen ones for the job were our friends from the Maijunas of Puerto Huaman and Nueva Vida native communities, in the Yanayacu River, tributary to the Napo River in Loreto.

The 06 chapter documentary seeks to show the audience how consumption and the current market economy are the models that have taken us to irresponsibly use our natural resources. Using history, the documentary takes us (amongst other destinies) to a native community in the Peruvian Amazon to show us in a traditional manner how it is that they have access to the forest and its resources, maintaining a balance between men and their environment.

Despite the short time we had to carry out this trip, we managed to cover all the wanted interviews in the field and to close with one last interview in the city with the renowned anthropologist, Alberto Chirif. Thanks to our friends from NCI; Natali Pinedo and Sergio Donayre, for their invaluable time and to Alberto for giving us his time and, of course, to our friends the Maijunas in the Yanayacu basin for their hospitality, generosity and for making our job an unforgettable journey.