Chotto Matte Trip to Peru

In January 2024 we were contacted by the company Chotto Matte, a culinary company created in 2013 that offers an experience based on Nikkei food (fusion between Peruvian and Japanese food), to help them organize a 15-day trip in our country, with very special requests and activities.

Its founder Kurt Kdesar returns to Peru after 13 years to be nourished again by the new flavors, spaces and gastronomic experiences that continue to surprise every visitor and diner who visits our country. Their objective: to become familiar with these new experiences to continue rescuing flavors and aromas and translating them into the range of options offered by their restaurants worldwide.

The group was made up of 4 people, and they chose the following destinations: Cusco, Iquitos and Lima. The trip focused on trying and experiencing traditional cuisine, from the most recognized “warikes” in each city and emblematic streets to the TOP restaurants that are currently recognized worldwide. The interaction in the three regions included experience with andean communities, native communities. In addition, experimenting with artisanal fishermen, local cooks, renowned chefs and connoisseurs of Peruvian gastronomy, as well as the people and diners at each point. Everything and everyone added up to make the experience our friends at Chotto Matte had unforgettable and enriching. It can be said that the objectives were met. Thank you all for the excellent work and assistance during the trip.