Discover Peru with independent Arab producer

It was December of 2017 when we were contacted by the Arab producer; Loay Alotaibi, for his documentary project; Discover Peru with recognized TV chain; Al Jazeera. Since then, and during the 2018 communications were taking body, and our search for locations and potential characters to build the budget of his documentary, were increasingly demanding. The complexity of the chapters and scenes desirable forced us to carry out several scouting trips between Loreto and Cusco mainly from october to november of this current year. In 2019, there was no turning back and our fixer structured a trip of up to 60 days of filming to cover 4 destinations in these 2 regions of the country.

The shooting journey was a constant challenge since the scoutings were made in dry season and the filming was during the rainy season. Many conditions on the ground had changed and not only the landscape, but the animals that we hoped to find, the activities of the people in rural areas to film, all affected transfers and timing to fit the shooting with reality on-site plan in every chosen area.

From the vast Amazon plains near the border with Brazil, in the Yaquerana River, the enormous Amazon river in the middle basin, the impressive Cordillera of Vilcabamba and the tributaries of the Urubamba river, to the icy mountains of the Ausangate mountains range, all demanding destinations on skills, experience and care, witnessed the effort and dedication of the filmmakers team and our fixer for 42 days in the jungle and 18 days in the Andes.

At the end, exhausted but happy with the product of so much effort, we say; Task accomplished! Total thanks to our friends Matses of the Chobayacu creek, to our super guide Llyacko in the Amazon, our Machiguengas friends; Ricardo and Rita, in Timpia and to all those who shared those 60 demanding days, without all of them, we would had not achieved this difficult goal. Will be until the next opportunity…