Ecologistica Peru on a peruvian Newspaper

Peruvian Amazon onstage. NextNovemberwill debut in Paris, a film shot in Manu.

French filmmaker will take to film the natural wealth of our country. The renowned photographer of nature the Frenchman VicentMunnier published on the page Wild Touch a video which shows a map, drawn by hand, of the Manu National Park, with the following inscription: «Rio Manu-Peru; 6 o’clock in the morning, an unforgettable encounter. The first jaguar in my life, more than one hour face to face. Amazing».

The sounds of the jungle flooded the scene, and between the mist appears on the sand of the beach a jaguar rest, which only miss to raise its head and look at the camera. Vincent Munnier and a team of the renowned French director; Luc Jacquet, winner of an Oscar in 2006 for the documentary «The March of the penguins», interned in the Peruvian jungle two months – July and August – the last year for filming the movie «Once upon a time the forest».

In total, about 35 people, including Jacquet, cameramens, soundmen, photographers and Illuminators, supported scientifically by the outstanding French botanist; Francis Halle, moved to the heart of the Manu National Park to the last Ranger station known as Pakitza, in Madre de Dios.

All of them were extremely impressed by the quality of the forest, so pristine and well preserved. In the first ten days of installed they saw four times Jaguars, including a mother with her offspring, indicating that it was a healthy forest, concerns Guillermo Knell from Ecologistica Peru, the company that was in charge of providing logistics and assistance in the field for the film.

Peru competed with other countries for the location of the film such as Brazil and French Guiana. In April, a first group traveled to Tambopata and Manu to make a recognition and the result was positive. The Filmmaker, Luc Jacquet and the production company, Bonne Pioche Cinema, chose the Peruvian jungle.

«They were surprised with people who knew the jungle that well, our local guides were the Rangers of the Manu National Park with whom we could find more locations of recording than they expected,» concerns Knell.

Forest in action

The filmmakers were looking for a tree called Cecropia, which marks the beginning of the regeneration of forest deforested or impacted, because it generates shadow for other species and encourages the growth of other trees, says Knell, who is also a biologist.

The film initial title was “Seven hundred years and one day”, in reference to the time that costs a forest recover from a single day of destruction by extractive activities; but it was changed to «Once upon a time the forest».

The central theme is to create awareness of the importance of tropical forests, which are predated by the man and manages hundreds of years to regenerate. So recordings focused ecosystem comprising it, trees, plants, insects, like the ants, which influence the condition of a forest and its regeneration. The only character who appears in the film is the French scientist; Francis Halle.

The production was divided into groups specializing in filming pollination, the behind the scenes, sound responsible for recording a living jungle noises and nature photographers.

Its launch on cinema screens scheduled for November 13, point producers on the account Facebook of the Wild Touch NGO, and will be distributed by Walt Disney.

Peruvian Film Commission

Image country director of Promperu, MariellaSoldi, announced that they seek to create the Peruvian Film Commission to facilitate the work of the international producers who come to make audiovisual works. The idea is to support them in the entry of teams, both technical and human, as well as permits and coordination with the institutions of the sites where they want to shoot, explains Soldi.

About the making of «Once upon a time the forest», reported that its supported in the management of this production, in locations seeking, as well as in the post-production. It was reported that this film is an opportunity for the promotion of our country. The Peru brand will be shown in the credits of this film, that will be present in the Avant premiere which will be held in Cannes.