Filming in Mayantuyacu – Camera Lucida Productions

Between August and September of 2019, we were contact by this french production to help them to organize a trip to the singular area of Mayantuyacu, located in the jungle region of Huanuco. Mayantuyacu a very known place for having not only a unique boiling river, but also a sight with good reputation in the use of medicinal plants for different treatments and diseases. Its leader, Maestro Juan Flores is a really well-know peruvian healer that received us to document his knowledge and story about this interesting sacred place.

We have a good relationship with the “Maestro”Flores and his team, because we have been at this site before with other clients, so it was good to work with them again. This time, we sent Alejandra to escort the group and with her experience as a fixer, we fullfill the objective of the filming Project. Thanks Alejandra!, and thanks to all the Mayantuyacu team for helpig us to achieve our client filming ideas.