Filmming Monkeys for Apple Tv

In April of this year, we were contacted by the British production company Offspring films who told us their interest in filming monkeys in the middle of the jungle and to obtain very close shots of some individuals. To achieve both targets, we proposed the Tambopata Research Center (TRC) forest in the upper Tambopata and the Amazon Shelter wildlife refuge in Puerto Maldonado. Since TRC is known like the back of our hand, we immediately scouted Amazon Shelter to meet Magaly, who runs the center and see the conditions of the animals and the facilities for filming.

After the first 3 weeks filming monkeys on TRC, the crew returned to Puerto Maldonado for the second part of filming on Amazon Shelter. In order that our clients could get the details they were looking for, we followed the recommendations of Magali, who chose one of the adult male howler Monkeys known as Rodrigo, along with his new family, made up of Luciana, Maggi and his baby Ryan, who were our main actors for this film.

The first day was in fact to recognize a little more the facilities of the shelter, choose and leave the necessary equipment of the more than 20 suitcases that the film crew brought with them. Already for the second day the best angle was chosen, and the safest possible mechanism so that the cameraman in charge could film details of Rodrigo and his family. It was a challenge to deal with the scenery so that the bars of the cages or the shadows do not appear much when the sun was already above us, and at the request of the cameraman, a simulated set had to be put together to that of a natural understory, lianas, Shapaja leaves (palm tree), among others and above all the good humor of all helped to have great results when filming.

Everything flowed naturally and how good we did respecting and being careful with Rodrigo and his family, who hopefully and according to Magali will be reintroduced to nature from September this year, thank you Amazon Shelter. Our thanks also to Vanessa Frías, who thanks to her excellent hospitality and service at Amazon Center, our friends at Offspring films were more than well taken care of and satisfied. Until next time!!!