Illegal gold mining and its impacts in Madre de Dios – NBC New York

The issue of illegal gold mining in the Madre de Dios region has been, every year, a topic for which many clients from different parts of the world have sought us out. Since January of this year and through our friends from the NGO CINCIA, we got in touch with a team of journalists from the prestigious NBC television network in New York and since then we have begun to prepare their trip to this region of our country.

As we researched more about potential locations and local actors to interview, we saw that the journalists and our own safety was a factor that required, this time, another treatment. Suddenly and for majeure force reasons, the trip that was for April had to be postponed for June, but far from being an inconvenience, we took advantage of it to polish all the security and logistics aspects that the area and the risks demanded of us.

Finally, the date arrived and we traveled 4 NBC journalists, 2 security agents and our Fixer, from Lima to Puerto Maldonado, to comply with the schedule day by day. Thanks to the CINCIA scientists, our Amarakaeri friends from Kotsimba Lodge, the local actors and our excellent contacts in the region, the trip was a complete success and the NBC team had the best experience in our country.