Jones Boys Amazon Adventure

The British company Ginger Productions requested that we help them work on a TV program that will air on Earth Day (April 22, 2010) on Sky One Channel. This is a reality show made up of two parts. The first is about three British brothers, the Jhoneses, who arrive to the Peruvian Amazon in order to learn about survival skills.

Their teacher is a former marine named Jairo Del Águila. The Jhones boys had to put what they had learned into practice in order to overcome all the difficulties that came their way. They also had to find their own food and sleep in the middle of the jungle. Since this is a reality show, filming is done without cuts. We were therefore forced to move around the jungle for five days with all the necessary equipment and set up satellite campsites for the nearly 30 people who were there–filmmakers, fixers, porters, and cooks included. The second part of the show begins when the Jhones boys suddenly find themselves in a native community and have to interact with the locals.

This includes participation in daily chores and ways of life. The brothers are thus accepted by the community and receive an unusual goodbye party as a thank-you for an unforgettable experience for everyone. There is no doubt that this job tested our logistic capabilities.

We sincerely thank and acknowledge our friends from the Ocayna native community of Nueva Esperanza for their invaluable support before and during the filming, as well as all our friends from the Ampiyacu River basin, who helped make this project a reality.