Lightning trip to the Uros of the Titicaca Lake, Puno

Suddenly, a whatsapp message arrived and it was a freelance photographer; Malin Fezehai, who was recommended by other photographers and was looking for one of our Fixer of to travel with her on a photo reportage trip commissioned by Nat Geo to the Uros Islands in the Titicaca lake , in Puno. She had had to move up her trip from September to February and had an urgency to plan all her 7-day work as soon as possible. Since we did not have an official fixer in Puno yet, we turned to our contacts and selected three of the best tour guides in the region and in the destination for the respective evaluation.

While coordinating with Malin all aspects of the trip, we selected a guide; Heber, who was the best Englishman, was originally from the Amantani Island and moreover we had the feeling that, with him, the trip would be a resounding success. In less than a week we had all the logistics planned and were ready to leave Lima for the imposing highest navigable lake in the world; the Titicaca lake!

Heber had been in charge of coordinating with several families in Uros, not the ones who receive tourists regularly, but those who live further away, because Malin wanted to interact with them on a day-to-day basis, to capture the nature of their customs and those details of their traditional life. From the transfers, the accommodation, the meals, the boats and even the snacks, Heber had meticulously organized everything so, Malin and our fixer from Lima, were not only well taken care of but assisted and it was a pleasure to see that we simply chose the best.

The work was accomplished in record time and by the 5th day, we were practically finished just before the celebrations of the Virgen de la Candelaria began. Thank you to our amazing hosts; Doña Elsa and Don Juan, from the Aruma Uros lodge, their attention and disposition were the best. Thank you to all the families of our Uros brothers who allowed us to be on their islands, enter their homes and share with them every moment of their days. And well, thanks to Heber Mamani, now and after this excellent experience we can say; Habemus Fixer in Puno!!!