Loro Piana Shooting Project RNSAB – Arequipa

After the succesful scouting trip organized in september last year for our client Loro Piana. The production company sent us the potential itinerary to start planning the shooting for March / April 2020. The settings and landscapes were already chosen, but the Coronavirus Pandemic was starting and the border closure became a fact.

The small crew arrived just in time and went straight to the field. The support team in Lima and Arequipa did an incredible job helping them througout the work. It was 21 days of incredible experiences surrounded by, volcanoes, canyons with some doses of rain, snow and ash from active volcanoes.

Communications between the team, us and their producers from their countries was constant to make sure that everything went well with the shooting Project. The Quarentine was done in the field, in very isolated places and without population, therefore, this helped the hearing aid material to be first class, with incredible filming shots.

Despite the risks of the circumstances, everything went well, both at work and on his return to his home countries. It only remains to say, THANK YOU again to SERNANP, Patricia our Local star coordinator, David our friend an incredible Fixer and to NATURE that behaved according to the objetives of the Project.