Marañon River – Source of the Amazon: Red Bull, Pioneer TV

In the mid-2015, we had the call from the British Pioneer TV producer, for a Red Bull production; “Marañón river – the source of the Amazon”, in Peru. It was to follow the renowned SUP paddleboarder; Charlie Head, on its journey from the origins of the Marañón River in the heights of Huaraz to join the Ucayali river, near the town of Nauta, giving birth to the mighty Amazonas, in Loreto.

They would be almost 7 weeks (48 days), between late July and mid-September of logistical support, terrestrial and fluvial, in the 2nd and 3rd stages of the journey, the 1st stage was covered by a group of kayakers led by the experienced Rocky Contos. We would enter to carve with ground support with 4 x 4 trucks from the Trujillo highlands to the village of Saramiriza and from there, continue with outboard boats by river, to the city of Iquitos.

To meet this challenge, we have the 2nd stage with the experience of our partner; David Segurado “El Txaval” who without doubt exceeded the expectations and the demands of day to day with much professionalism and certainly our fixer, Maquisaldo, was in charge of what we most know; the lowland jungle.

Each and every one of them, were key to comply with such changing conditions of travel and demanding moments during the filming, but once again, It was shown that when we want to leave Peru in the upper view, all together, we did a great job. Let’s wait for more projects like this!