Medio Putumayo – Algodón Rivers Rapid Biological Inventory

Once again, the Field Museum of Chicago´s Department of Science and Education summoned Ecologística Peru, to lead one of the groups that would be in charge of the construction of camp #3 for the Rapid Biological Inventory that would take place on the proposed area of conservation along the Algodón River. This area together with other proposal and protected areas form a mosaic of different ecosystems and habitats that are crucial to protected in the region, specifically in the northern part of the Peruvian Amazon.

On this opportunity, the logistic work lasted approximately 13 days and consisted mainly on implementing a camping area that could comfortably host 25 people for 5 days, a heliport and a system of trails, covering more or less 20km that would lead to the different habitats and types of forests present in the surrounding area. It is important to point out that the habitats surrounding the area were mainly flooded forest that, during rainy season, are completely covered by water. Like in other similar areas in the region, the trail system was design to reach many Varillales and Turberas, which are always very interesting from the scientific point of view.

The job was possible thanks to the cooperation of our friends from the communities of Estrecho, Esperanza, Porvenir, Florida, Nuevo Horizonte and San Pedro, all of them located in the main Putumayo River. This amazing team played a key role in successfully fulfilling the objective of this project.