Once Upon a Forest – Bonne Pioche Cinema Film

Ever since March of this year, we have been competing to make Peru and our amazon jungle the headquarters for the new film production of the renowned French director; Luc Jacquet, winner of an Oscar in 2006 for the documentary “The March of the Penguins”. Many countries with incomparable conditions for this goal, such as Gabon (Africa), Brasil and French Guyana, were our toughest competitors.

Finally and after the Scouting Trip that took place in April, the French production company, Bonne Pioche Cinema, decided that the Manu National park would be the main location to carry out two thirds of the filming of this documentary-fiction. This time, Ecologística Peru was in charge of building, managing and functioning the base camp, plus giving scientific advice and camp production information, in the different sets. The base camp was established in the PVC Pakitza and housed more than 50 people during 02 months of strenous work in the middle of the jungle.

Our job was concentrated on attending the needs and demands of the whole team and managing the logistics for more than 50 people, between local workers and moviemakers, in the camp as well as in the surroundings. The results speak for themselves and once again our brothers the Machiguengas of Tayacome, the Manu parkrangers and all the Peruvians involved in this important commitment were key to overpass the expectatives and achieve the takes and scenes required with a total success. Thanks to all of them and most importantly, thank you Manu!!!