One Planet BBC – Series: “Deserts”

During the month of September 2015, we had the opportunity to be a part of a documentary production the BBC has been simultaneously doing in many countries around the globe. This time, the chosen location in our country was the Lachay National Reserve.

Lachay is a unique ecosystem found in the coastal desert, north of Lima, with two very distinct seasons. On this occasion, the production was focused on the wet season, on getting shots of the landscape and the most representative resources. Our work was based specifically on giving logistical support during the two weeks of filming. We were also in charge of organizing every detail before the beginning of the production.

Another visit of the same team is expected at the beginning of next year, this time to document the drastic changes the landscape goes through during the dry season. We thank the Lachay National Reserve and its park rangers for all the support they have given us during this first visit.

See you next year!