Planet Partners HP – WWF Perú – Abanico del Pastaza

On October of 2009, we were lucky enough to be contacted by the computer supplies company Hewlett Packard, which, along with WWF Peru, are both in charge of the repopulation of Side Neck Turtles – Taricayas on the Pastaza river basin.

This time, our mission was to coordinate the logistics for the visit to the Kandozi and Quechua native communities with 20 journalists from different Latin American media and take care of all of the HP and WWF representants needs during their stay in the area. Thus, between November 6th and 12th, written media, radio and TV journalists from Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia and, of course, Peru, visited the Campo Verde and Ullpayacu communities on the Pastaza river basin and witnessed the release of more than a thousand baby side neck turtles that where born in captivity on artificial sand beaches.

For Ecologistica Peru, it was a pleasure and a great experience to help and be a part of this praiseworthy HP and WWF effort for the Abanico del Pastaza basin conservation, considered the largest RAMSAR site in Peru and the entire world. Thanks to our HP friends and until next time!