Ron Cooper Photo Project in Peru

In November 2022 we were contacted by Mr. Ian Knight, owner of a company that organizes private photography tours. On this occasion Ian asked us for support to organize a trip to Peru for one of his main clients, Mr. Ron Cooper.

Ron is a portrait photographer who lives in Colorado – USA and who for the last 15 years has dedicated himself to traveling around the world photographing people, with due consent of course, in order to document, honor and celebrate the people who They pose for their camera. Ron’s photos are not for commercial purposes. He exhibits his portraits in galleries and art centers and, sometimes, publishes them in magazines and photography books.

Ron had been to Peru a few years ago, but wanted to return for more, and on the recommendation of a colleague, Ian contacted us about putting together a trip focused on the Peruvian Andes. Due to time issues, this time we focused on two regions: Cusco and Puno, with a total of 9 days for both destinations.

Ron’s request focused on summoning elderly people at each chosen point. This led us to organizing a route several months in advance with the different destinations/communities for each region, and the number of models available and interested. The need for a previous trip (scouting) was essential. We must highlight the work of our Fixers at each point, because without them, the proper approach with the residents would not have been achieved to finally culminate with incredible photographs, people happy to participate and new friendships.

Thanks to the communities of Ccollamas, Chequerec and Maras in Cusco, to the Ayayrachi communities of Corani, Chillahuito and Paratia, as well as community members from the Taquile and Amantani islands in the Puno region. Also a special thank you to our fixers and collaborators Patty Deza, Robinson Palomino, Ernesto Aliaga and Paciano Mamani, keys to the success and coordination of this entire project.