Scouting Trip for Romero and Braas Production Company

In April of this year, we were contacted on the recommendation of a colleague to support this production company in carrying out a Scouting in Peru for a European TV program that would take place in the near future. The destinations were already chosen and the objective was to get to know the country, its culture and its diversity. In addition, to find potential locations for the program in the visited destinations.

The trip began with the best; Cuzco and several points of interest were visited that included hacienda houses, the sacred valley, hotels, archaeological sites and the best restaurants. In Iquitos, the most emblematic areas were visited, which included the town of Belén, its market, in addition to its main square and its culinary offer. There was also the opportunity to visit two luxury cruise ships that offer tours in the area surrounding the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. The Santo Tomas lagoon gave the members of the team the opportunity to practice water sports in a black water lagoon, a unique experience in that part of our Amazon. The trip ended with a visit to two important destinations on our Peruvian coast: the beaches of Mancora, Organos and Punta Sal, to the north, and the Paracas National Reserve, to the south.

For this production, we are competing with two other South American countries, but we do not doubt that PERU is a strong candidate to be chosen. Fingers cross!!!