Our first contact with the Maijuna people took place in 2005, when our fixer visited the middle zone of the Putumayo River basin, on the border with Colombia, and from there, he walked through the forest along a trail that they used to access the only native community of their group in the Algodon River basin; San Pablo de Totolla.

Since that time, we had the opportunity to return on one more occasion, in 2007, invited by their federation; FECONAMAI, to attend its congress, which had not been held there for more than 30 years. It was a real privilege to share with community members from the four Maijuna native communities, many of them had not seen each other in all those years and we witnessed that unforgettable reunion.

The third time, in 2016, it was already taking a group of our clients; a professor of anthropology and cultures at the University of Miami and his 2 colleagues. They wanted to document the use of forest resources by the Maijunas for their food and customs. The trip was a total success.

This last time, in October 2023, we were invited by the NGO One Planet to accompany a technical team from GERFOR Loreto and thus take advantage of updating our logistical information, resuming contacts with the new community authorities and seeing the possibility of taking a group of the NGO donors in 2024.

We could not be more grateful to our Maijunas brothers for always welcoming us warmly, without them; it would never have been possible to cross the entire jungle alone. Thanks to our friends at One Planet for the invitation and very soon, we will know if we will return to Totolla to live a new and exciting adventure! … We will keep you updated!!!