Scouting trip Manu and Tambopata Reserves

During April 2012, we went on a scouting expedition with members of a French production company. We were led by the renowned director Luc Jacquet. The interest of the trip laid on getting to know the amazon tropical rainforests, in order to find the ideal locations and the necessary resources that would fulfill the requirements to film a movie in the near future.

The Manu National Park and the Tambopata National Reserve were the two places that were chosen for this job. The trip lasted 12 days, beginning the journey in the city of Cusco, which is the entry door to Manu. The route contemplated a two night stay at the Bosque de Nubes (Cloud Forest), near the Pillahuata area, another two night stay at the border of the Juarez Lake in Manu, three nights in lodges along the Tambopata River and two final nights in the city of Puerto Maldonado.

Even though we stayed very few days in each place, we were able to accomplish the goals of the trip. Ecologistica Peru, along with the other actors and collaborators, were able to obtain the approval and total satisfaction of the production company representatives. The next step and new challenge will be the organization and preparation to go about the filming of the movie, which will be done during June and July this year.