Scouting trip to Calipuy National Reserve

In May of this year we organized an expedition at the request of the Loon project to verify the possibility of recovering a balloon that fell in the area 4 years ago and that at the time due to the rough terrain, inclement weather and little knowledge due to the humidity effect in the area, it was impossible for us to recover twice.

Considering that the area has great potential for the development of other projects in the future, we took the opportunity to put into practice some of our new equipment and meet again with the staff after the pandemic. Expert mountaineers and porters came from Huaraz to join the group, including Koky Castañeda. David Segurado was summoned again for support in obtaining audiovisual material through his drones, in addition to the logistical support team.

The trip lasted 5 days, of which 3 were of effective field work, the physical effort to access the highest slopes and do the inspection and search paid off when finally reaching the lost balloon. The absence of water in the area was a very tough test for everyone but it was still worth the group effort.
What impacted us the most throughout the working days was the semi-desert landscape and its contrasts, which offer potential locations and samples of how diverse our Peruvian coastal desert is.

Thanks to all the team members for the effort and dedication they gave to this great adventure.