Scouting trip to Lower Urubamba River

Another of our Amazon areas that demand much responsibility and care is the Cordillera de Vilcabamba. The need to move from the upper Urubamba to the Lower Urubamba River crossing the amazing Pongo de Maynique, is always a risk and a challenge for good planning a trip and to find suitable people to cover all that route.

Last November, we made a scouting trip in that area for the same 2019 production for the Arab TV chain; Al-Jazeera. This time, the Ecologistica Peru staff, met again with our Machiguenga friends from COMARU (Native Federation) and the Timpia Native community, with whom we already have many years of friendship and shared projects.

The trip covered our expectations and much more important, the expectations of our new friends from Alto Timpia for the production of 11 days or so, planned by May. Our sincere thanks to Rita Semperi and Ricardo Metaki, without them this trip could not meet our schedule and ensure the success of the trip. See you in May.