Scouting Trip to the Queros Nation

More used to travel along our Amazon jungle, this time the high Andes of Cuzco and the spectacular landscape of the Qeros territory were the goal of our third scouting trip for the 2019 production for the Arab TV chain; Al Jazeera.

In November, we looked for our friend and Andean expert; Antoine George, who has travelled along the Qeros territory since more than 20 years ago, together with our Fixer, we made a scouting trip of 8 days dealing with extremely cold weather and the lack of oxygen above 4500 masl but always overwhelmed with the unbelievable landscape and the warming companion of the Qeros and their Lamas and dogs.

The trip started in Cuzco, passing through Ocongate and finally reaching the Quiqo town; from there we visited several annexes and enjoyed the food and even Trouts from the high Andean Lagoons. Without doubt it was a hard test but finally we covered all the needs of the trip and we are sure that the shooting in May will be a total success … Thanks to the Gerilio family for their amazing support and hospitality.