Scouting trip to Vilcabamba Mountain Range

At the end of 2019 and having done the 1st Scouting in 2013 for this French production company, we did a new scouting to the imposing and demanding Vilcabamba Mountain Range. The more traditional Ashaninka groups still and keep going through that area were, this time, the target of a journey of almost 2 weeks, was to walked and recognize the conditions and potentials of that area for this production. Our Premium guide was Michel Sáenz; an anthropologist with more than 40 years of shared life with all the villages of this area, and our local guides were the children of the traditional leaders of some Ashaninkas communities. Undoubtedly, our fixer could not have been better accompanied!

Thanks to Michels recommendations and experience, the trip had to get around the risks of illegal activities currently happening in the lowlands of the well-known VRAEM basin. The complex logistics responded precisely to the demands of moving ourselves in this area, and everything was managed impeccably and safely, happily!

The result was to have met groups of traditional Ashaninka families with enormous potential for the objectives of that production. There’s no doubts that we will have a 2nd scouting trip very soon, where we will finally finish details to, with some luck, bring that production in October of this current year. Thanks to all our friends who made this scouting possible and successful!