Staying Alive: Bannavara TV (Holland)

Almost finishing the year and when normally we do not receive services requests in jungle by rains, we were contacted by the Dutch Bannavara TV for their production “Staying Alive” in which the presenter tells famous stories of survival in the world, and in Peru, the Juliane´s Koepcke survival history in December 1971 in the jungle, was for them fascinating.

Immediately and being a new area for us, we deploy all our ability to locate contacts and most suitable stakeholders and programed a 1st recce trip to the area before Christmas. It was not easy to locate and obtain all the necessary conditions in a so short period of time and prior to the arrival of the film crew in January, but thanks to our local contacts, everything was ready for filming on time.

The 2nd recce trip joined the filming one, so we had to redouble efforts to not only monitor and ensure that the forest and the camp was ready for work, but also attend and address the needs of the team during their displacement of almost 4 days through the forest.

The architect of our success was with no doubt, Don Wilmer, who with their unbeatable team of boys and local contacts, led by our fixer, covered and surpassed the expectations of our customers. Our most sincere and deepest thanks to them. See you next time!