Sustainable use of wood for Planet Earth III with the BBC

It was August 2021 and even in pandemic, our friends from the BBC in London, with whom we have already worked on several projects in jungle regions, asked us to support them in finding a location to be able to film the sustainable use of wood in a native community and they had recommended the Las Piedras river basin for that purpose.

After a failed attempt in communities in the upper basin of the same river, they told us that they had changed locations in the lower basin and that they wanted to do a scouting to the Boca Pariamanu community. Coincidentally, we worked with that community in 2018 and it was an advantage that they already knew us to carry out a scouting trip in December.

During the scouting, we reunited with old friends and met Juan Carlos Huayllapuma, an enthusiastic ecotourism guide and nature photographer who had been supporting the friends of Boca Pariamanu in their tourism venture for several years. Our fixer and Juan Carlos collected the information in record time and after a couple of months, we already had all the logistics organized for the demanding conditions of the BBC filming.

This time the team was six people and they came with no less than 60 film bags, but the amount of packages was not a problem for how well organized the tourism committee and the wood committee of Boca Pariamanu were. The filming took place in the communal forests of the community and it was they themselves who, with Juan Carlos in the lead as our fixer, met and exceeded the expectations of the group. Total thanks to our friends from Boca Pariamanu and Juan Carlos, of course. Until next time!!!