Torq Productions – “En Marge Du Monde 3”

In October of this year we were contacted by the Canadian production company TORQ to see the possibility of supporting them with the 3rd episode / season of the popular TV series “En Marge Du Monde”, which shows the lives of people around the world who have chosen and decided to live differently and somewhat isolated from the conventional. Each episode is filmed in different countries and this time they chose Peru, in a community far from the city of Iquitos, capital of the Loreto region.

On this occasion, the protagonists were a couple named Korina and Guillermo, from the community of Santa María del Ojeal, located downstream of the Amazon River, one hour from Iquitos. Eight years ago they both arrived in Peru as volunteers at a yoga and meditation center, located in the thick of the Amazon jungle. With that experience they were very fascinated by the benefits that nature offered them, for this particular reason they decided to stay and start a family.

The film crew visited and documented the interesting daily life of this couple who decided to obtain some land within the jungle, and in the surroundings of this community, to build a home and dedicate themselves to agriculture, fruit collection, fishing, meditation, yoga and the practice of using “kambo” which consists of removing a skin secretion from a frog of the Phyllomedusa genus for a healing ritual and which is ancestrally practiced by traditional native groups to heal the mind, body and spirit.

The documentary will be presented on the TV5 CA program, for French-speaking Canadian television. We greatly appreciate the entire team involved in being able to meet all goals satisfactorily. Especially to Johnny Balarezo for his assistance and leadership throughout the entire process.