Yaguas – Cotuhe Rapid Biological Inventory

During October 2010, we were summoned by the Department of Conservation and Environment of the Field Museum of Chicago to lead one of the advance squads in charge of building the third campsite for the rapid biological inventory that was to be held on the proposed conservation area, Yaguas-Cotuhe, in Loreto.

This time, the field logistics work went on for twenty-three days and, basically, consisted of implementing the following: a campsite that was capable of comfortably hosting 20 people for 5 days, a heliport and a system of trails of approximately 20 km long that would lead to the different habitats and types of forests available in the surrounding area.

This work was possible thanks to the collaboration of our friends from the communities of Santa Rosa de Cauchillo and El Àlamo, who were key to successfully achieving the objective of this project.